The Magazine Innovation Center at The University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism hosted the ACT 2 Experience last October. We asked 17 media experts who attended the ACT2 Experience their opinions about the future of the printed word in a digital age. Click on the link below to listen to the experts’ answers to the three questions we’ve asked

Question One: What is the future of the printed word in a digital age?

Question Two: What advice would you give someone starting a new magazine?

Question Three: Is the magazine industry’s cup half full or half empty?

The experts are, in order of their appearances:

1. Sid Evans, Group Editor
Time Inc., Lifestyle Division

2. Bob Sacks, President
Precision Media Group

3. Vito Di Bari
Innovation Designer and Futurologist

4. Mark Pasetsky, Founder
Cover Awards

5. Phyllis Hoffman DePiano, CEO
Hoffman Media

6. Roy Reiman, Founder
Reiman Publications

7. David McDonald, CEO
True North Custom Media

8. Will Pearson, President
Mental Floss Inc.

9. Jeremy Leslie
Editorial Designer & Founder

10. Sue Roman, President
The Taunton Press

11. James Elliott, President
The James G. Elliott Co., Inc.

12. John Harrington, Partner
Harrington Associates

13. Franska Stuy, Editor in Chief

14. Frank Anton, CEO

15. Scott Crystal, Former President
TV Guide

16. Steven Kotok, President
The Week, Felix Dennis Publications

17. Kent S. Johnson, CEO
Highlights For Children Inc.

Thanks are in order for all the experts and the journalism students at The University of Mississippi’s 2011-2012 magazine class who recorded the interviews.